Regulatory Hosted Services  

Comprehensive services for investment managers

Operating hedge fund structures can be overly complicated and costly, particularly for small and medium-sized managers. This is because of the costs to install and maintain a comprehensive infrastructure for operational and compliance purposes.

 In addition to operational and compliance requirements, FCA authorization (if required) can be a long and expensive process, because of:

  • Waiting period of 6 months to 1 years to gain FCA approval status
  • Extensive compilation of compliance documents 
  • Minimum deposit to meet the regulatory capital requirements
  • Recurring costs to meet legal and compliance obligations

Falcon, is positioned to provide comprehensive services in compliant with FCA regulations for other investment managers, full Regulatory Umbrella (MiFID/AIF):

  • Tier-one partners, an expert team, and the global expertise to cover everything from trading to back office, to legal and compliance.
  • Set up in 3 to 4 weeks
  • Set up a fund in SPC structure under falcon with your name of choice and conditions
  • Use of our existing infrastructures, consisting of Compliance, Risk Management, Reporting and Auditing, Client On-boarding and Prime Brokers
  • Capital intro- Falcon has access to a pool of capital to introduce to appropriate trading strategies. This is an added-value service offered to selected falcon clients
  • Use of our FCA licence structure and regulatory capital to operate Contracts for Services on a temporary basis whilst seeking your own licence or on a longer term basis
  • Use of our structures and brands for fund raising purposes
  • Establish a track record & gain experience & competency whilst building critical mass

Fees and contracts are flexible to meet your requirements. Please email to schedule more detailed discussions.