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Falcon New protected leverage program

30-November-2020 11:34
in General
by Benny Menashe

Falcon is proud to announce the launch of its protected leverage programme in partnership with two UK-based institutional investors with a commitment of $200m. Falcon Investment Management a specialised advisory firm focused on identifying and supporting start-up and emerging fund managers. Falcon will be one of the first European firms to offer the First Loss capital programme. The programme is designed to offer a better alignment of interest between fund managers and investors in the long-term. Participating fund managers get access to investment capital with significantly higher than industry average incentive fee in exchange to take part in portfolio risk. Investors supporting the programme, secure fixed and variable returns that withstand market cyclicality and volatility.

Managers who are interested in the programme can submit their interest by contacting Falcon team. Currently we offer the programme to the following strategies:

Asset Class
Equities, FX, Futures, Options.

Arbitrage, Market Neutral, Long/Short, Global Macro, CTA.

To find out more about the programme, please e-mail: