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Ex-JPMorgan Strategist Starts a Hedge Fund Powered by Machine Learning

15-February-2021 13:29
in General
by Benny Menashe

Falcon Investment Management is to launch Sala Vita Long/Short Equity Fund, which combines human intelligence and machine learning techniques to trade US equities.

 London, GB - Falcon Investment Management today announced the partnership with Sala Vita L/S Equity Fund, a hedge fund started by former EMEA Head of FICC Structuring at JPMorgan.

 Arman Salavitabar, CFA, who spent 8 years with JPMorgan and was subsequently a PM at a family office, received the initial seed funding late last year. The fund seeks to achieve uncorrelated, absolute returns north of 10% per annum and is expected to outperform in high-volatility market environments making it a complimentary strategy for equity investors. The strategy, using Machine Learning algorithms, combines systematic equity selection and market timing signals to manage a long/short portfolio of single stocks. This innovative solution is designed to merge the long-term benefits of being invested in equities with the security of portfolio protection against market drawdowns.

 “Capital markets are just starting to see the type of innovation and disruption that other industries have enjoyed for years,” says Arman Salavitabar.


The new launch offers accredited investors access to a unique opportunity with


  • Dynamic management of net market exposure
  • 0% leverage
  • Deployed on a universe of equities included in the S&P 500


“The strategic partnership between Falcon and Sala Vita is a natural fit. Our platform allows sophisticated investors to access Sala Vita’s niche strategy through a centralized operational and risk management framework.” Says Benny Menashe, managing director of Falcon. “For years institutional investors could not invest in early-stage talents due to operational risks, we want to change that. We are really excited about this partnership and the opportunity to work with Arman.” Added Mr. Menashe