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Falcon New LS Equity Fund

07-October-2019 17:40
in General
by Benny Menashe


Falcon is proud to announce the launch of our fourth Cayman Fund, Long Short Equity Fund. The strategy focused on profitably trading securities listed on exchanges throughout the United States. With a tilt towards Large Cap equities, the firm aims to identify inefficiencies in the market by leveraging machine learning (and deep learning as a subset) to identify securities that can be purchased to generate absolute risk-adjusted returns in rising and falling markets. Falcon will be launching two more funds in the next quarter.  

Falcon is a London-based multi-strategy investment manager, focused mainly in highly liquid global macro investment straegies. Falcon's team consists of experienced managers and teams, deploying diverse set of strategy sets designed to extract value from market inefficiencies. From discretionary to systematic strategies , liquidity is a key driver in our funds. 




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